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New to me Sauer 38H

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Posted this in another thread moving it here. Picked this one up a couple of days ago. 447981 has 2 magazines seems to be in pretty good shape compared to others I have seen. Except both the grips are cracked. Shoots great by the way. I would ask all the same questions year made variation was it a military? Are there any good grips out there for sale or am I stuck with after market. I like the 32s and have had all kinds since I have a Walther and a Mauser I added this one. I enjoy shooting them plus the history is fun part as well. I do a lot of research to learn about my purchases but nothing compares to asking people that know and having that interaction.
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Thank you for sharing! Nice pistol!

Recommend keeping those original grips, regardless of condition to ensure the continuity of its journey. However, in the meantime, while you endeavor to hunt down scarce original grips, find a nice set of replacement grips.

My shooter and amateur smithing Sauer 38H has one genuine repro and one possibly fake cast grip. Some day, I’ll run across a homeless original grip set with a material code that is authentic to the piece.

Part n’ parcel with this hobby comes the opportunity to develop patience. 😆
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I learned that a long time ago with Winchesters.:) I have already ordered some repro grips. I go to a lot of gun shows you never know what your going to run across. I already know where I can get another pistol price probably won’t be as good but it’s a little older and comes with the holster.
Thanks for the help.

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