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I am new to these boards, but some of you may recognise me. I am the same PvtPyle from Gunsnet and others.

I picked up two pistols in an estate sale and have no idea what to ask for them. I have looked at the various posts about the S/42s but dont know if the serial numbers make a difference. I also have a Luger styled .22 that I have questions on.

The Luger is an S/42 model. All numbers match and the finish is about 90%. It was made in 1936 and has three little eagles on the right side over the trigger with G3 under them. The barrel band has the smooth radius coming off towards the frame. Even the mag has a matching SN, and has very little wear on the follower, which leads me to believe that there were not many rounds thru it.

The .22 is made by Erma Werke and is a model KGP69. It is in 99% condition, I dont even think it has ever been fired. It says it was made in West Germany, but has no date.

Anyone have any idea what these two are worth? Thanks for the help as I have no idea what to ask for them.

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The KGP69 was produced by 'Erfurter Maschinenwerke', better known as Erma, who produced amongst others the P08 22 LR Barrel inserts and the MP40 submachinegun. They saw a market for new Luger models in the 1960s and produced a series of 22, 7,65 ACP and 9mm ACP versions.

The KGP69 was produced from 1969 onwards and is a 22LR version. Serial numbers started at 1 and continued. Walter stated a total of 20.000 produced by 1974. As Erma went belly-up in the 1980s, finding parts for it is a bit of a nightmare.

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Thanks for the help. I will try to get pics of the Luger and post them. In looking at Simposn LTD it could be worth between $700-1700.
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