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Hey guys, great site! I have started collecting Lugars about a year ago. I recently came across what looked to be a Bulgarian 1908 ( or 1911 as it was refered to) in almost mint condition. There were a few things that seemed odd about it. First, it was in great shape for a Bulgarian. Second, the crest over the toggle was inverted. Third, the pistol had no lanyard ring and the safety was in german not cryllic.Jane specified this was a fake.Are Lugers becoming widley faked? This is one reason I went to collecting firearms and not medals.Any comments would be appericiated.
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Not sure what you mean by "the crest over the toggle was inverted". A 1911 Bulgarian has the DWM logo on the chamber and a rampant lion in a shield Bulgarian crest on the forward toggle link with the head of the lion toward the muzzle. The lanyard ring should be on the "heel" of the grip rather than in the usual position at the rear of the frame. If it is not present, take off the grips and see if there is a hole where the ring should be. I doubt that you will find one, because with German markings rather than Cyrillic, it definitely is not a Bulgarian frame. It is a fake.

"Are Lugers becoming widely faked?" You bet they are, and have been for many years. There is always someone ready to make a fast buck off of the uninformed and unwary.
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