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Hi everyone
Good forum. I collect sniper rifles. Lugers are new to me. I know what they look like and that is about it. I have a new secondary collecting direction. I like Kriegsmarine militaria and firearms. I know I have much to learn but with a great forum like this it will be somewhat easier. Jan has already helped me on the regular Gunboards forum. I understand that original WW2 Navy Lugers are quite pricey and faked allot. Jan informed me that there were as many un-marked Navy issued Lugers as marked ones. That is the type Luger I am interested in. I would like a WW2 1936, 37 standard issue Luger. I know that they have some "straw" colored parts. I would like a matching, including magazine, 95%+ condition piece. How are these pistols marked? What range of price would I expect to pay for such a gun. What should I look out for. I don't want to get into a boged up pistol. I don't mind investing in a nice piece as long as it is correct. I realize that I have asked allot here. Thanks in advance for the information.

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Here are some photos of a 1937 Strawed Luger(for sale for $950)....not a Kriegsmarine variation...prices range between $750-$1500...depending if you buy from a dealer...or privately and, of course, condition as well as accessories(Extra mags and Holster)Kriegsmarine variations of this vintage are hard to come by and command almost twice the price....

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Thanks Lugercollector,
I appreciate your help. How is your 37 marked in regard to manufacturer, proofs, etc.? Does your piece match, mag? Thanks in advance.
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