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newer model lugers

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I don't want to be sacriligious, but does anyone collect the newer products like Stoeger or Interarms lugers???
Just asking
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Hi Bill,

yes, people do in fact collect the newer production guns; some specialize in them and as a point of fact, a gentleman named Francis C. Allen has even done a book on them.

They are a very legitimate area for collecting and I predict that they are true "sleeper"...

I have one of their commerative M1970/06 Navy models as the ending piece in my navy collection.

Tom A.
Thanks Tom:
I have an Interarms 6" navy NIB and a Stoeger 6" Navy St. Stl. The Stoeger was originally a 4" barrel, but the owner wanted to have a better chance of selling it in Canada, so he had Stoeger make him a new 6" barrel. He then had to wait over 2 years for the Canadian government to issue new paperwork, and he had to have the 4" barrel destroyed, so that it could not be put back on the gun. I just happened to be in the gun store that was holding the gun while the barrels were being changed when the paperwork came through, and I bought it immediately.
I am going to be shooting it soon.

there´s a growing number of quite affluent people all over Europe who order custom Lugers from specialist gunsmiths - take a look at the Wrele site.

I just bought an Erma Werke KGP 69 and a Stoeger, both .22's modeled after Lugers. They were my consolation prize at an auction because I didn't get the P-38 I had hoped for. I paid $135 and $130 respectively and can't wait to try them out.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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