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Based on your pictures, I woud say that this is a re-plating. It appears that the surface is textured (mild pitting?) and that the surfaces and edges are not crisp!! This is all based on your photos.


There was a booming business in France after WW2 of plating bring-back pistols for the GIs waiting transport on the returning ships. All it took was a chunk of chrome, a tank of solution and a car battery. They specialized in making "captured Officer's Pistols" for the GIs. Often they made clear plastic grips with the GI's girl's picture stuck underneath. Usually found without the photos nowadays.
I am of two minds about these guns. First, they are NOT original anymore, but Second, they are a real piece of WW2 history. I don't think I would try to restore one that some GI put so much effort into to impress his family, girlfriend, etc.
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