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I recently purchased the Norwegian Luger rig described in this post:

I'm interested in finding out more about these imports.

Does anyone have information or remember:
1-When they were imported?

2-Who imported them?
I have found a small NAC mark on my Luger, so I do know Navy arms imported some.
I have emailed NAC and asked them about these.

3- What condition were/are they in?
Original or refinished, grips used, etc.

4- Pricing?

5- Holsters were and are plentiful, did these show up at the same time and sold with the lugers?
I've seen some posts on buying the modified holsters for "cheap" in bulk in the day.

6- Any other info?

The "books" are essentially silent on these, except to say that Norway did adopt the Luger after WWII.
If I have missed something please advise where it is to be found.

Thanks in advance for any contribution.:)
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