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There are a number of holsters evidently used by the Germans for the M14:
1) As shown, brown, two belt loops extending above back of holster
2) Same, but belt loops shortened and offset so that the pistol is canted forward when worn on left side
3) As 2, but with spare mag pouch added
2) and 3) are evidently German modifications of 1)
4) A type in brown leather with single wide belt loop and mag pouch; the type lacks the cylindrical reinforcement of 1,2,3; I think this one is shown in Bender's book, and perhaps in Whittington.
Some of these types are ink-stamped e/WaA84; some have a script N (perhaps = Nordsee?), some are unmarked and there is at least one type 4 with impressed e/M on the back.
So far I have not seen a black version of types 2-4; I think the black type 1s are immediate postwar, but can't be sure of that.

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Sorry to say but there are more variations than these. The first holster issued with these M/1914 was a black holster with no flap to cover the magazine. Then they modyfied this wit putting on the this flap. These two are rare. Then came the one yoy describe as no. 2. Only the Germans used holsters with the magazine pouch. Some were marked by the producer and some of them not. In the end we find no producers markings. The German one are really scare and hard to get even here in Norway.

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I would like more information on the German Norwegian holsters.
Can anyone post a picture or link to a holster with the added magazine pouch? What markings are on the holsters with manufacturer marks?
There are post-war Norwegian holsters with bogus WaA84 die stamps, would like to see the WaA84 ink stamp, or more info on it. David Franchi
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