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I could translate it, but I see no need as the caption already contains an English translation. The officer to the far left is carrying an M/1914, as is no. 3 from the left. The officer 2nd from the right has a holstered Nagant revolver, which was our standard sidearm before the M/1914. Fortress Hegra, situated in Stjørdal just east of Trondheim, has a special place in Norwegian war history; an improvised Norwegian force managed to defend it from April 9th until May 5th 1940. It didn't really mean all that much from a military point of view, but it did serve as a moral boost for our forces and the civilian population; sort of a Norwegian Alamo. This picture was taken on the day of surrender:


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You are mistaken. Look at it again, carefully.
You will note the numerical year "1940" in the Norwegian text,
and you will also note the absence of "1940" in the English text.
I can't read Norwegian, but I know that the translation in the caption is not accurate.
The "1940" is particularly important because it marks time for these brave soldiers
I would like to include an accurate caption to this photo in my website.
Can you provide a more accurate translation than is provided in the caption.
PS. Thanks for posting the other photo. The before and after battle relationship is especially interesting.
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