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This time it's a 7.65mm(.32ACP) Leonhardt, made by H.M. Gering & Co., Arnstadt. And, yes, it looks like a Beholla by Becker and Hollander. These guns were made by B&H (the Beholla), Waffenfabrik August Menz (the Menta), Stendawerke Waffenfabrik GmbH (the Stenda) and Gering (the Leonhardt). All were exactly the same, except the Stenda had a slightly varied take-down.
It's commonly known that the first two were built for the German army in WW1 (seen both as Imperial accepted and private purchase weapons)and the Stenda was postwar civilian.
I have been able to find out very little about the few Leonhardts made, even the exact production dates. However, since this was the ONLY firearm that Gering ever made and in such low numbers (somewhere around 4K), it is reasonable to assume that they were made at the (ahem) "request" of the Imperial German govt. for the war effort, and that they immediately dropped production and went back to machine tools as soon as the war was over.
Unfortunately, who ever brought this rare bird back, did the customary "get it nickeled so you can say it was an 'Officer's gun' " trick after the war.
But when they are scarce, you take them as you find them!

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Hogg, in his Pistols of the World, says that the Leonhardt is identical to the Beholla made by Becker und Holländer. He also says that at the time of his writing (1978), no example of a Leonhardt had been observed with an ordnance acceptance stamp, which leads to a difference of opinion as to whether Gering produced the pistol under military contract or not.

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I found out that Gering is still in existance in Germany and used their "contact us" email. I asked about any information they might have on the Leonhardt Pistol. I got a very nice email back with the gist being that they had NO information about the pistol at all and did I have any photos that I could send them. I sent the photos of mine that I had back to them.
I got another email in response that might help settle the Contract vs commercial production matter. The gentleman I was corresponding with had come up with ONE item in the company records, the following commercial</u> ad for the Leonhardt pistol! Note, they made aluminum "brass" knuckles, too!

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