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1st posting here. Have a Luger war capture with papers. Got it years ago. Pretty fascinating time, end of ww2.

Bought a Krieghoff drilling, should be in on Thursday. I have dealt with this gun shop for years, with many very nice and unusual purchases.
(they have a Luftwaffe drilling for $4999 right now, came from the Tulsa gun show with my drilling)
I have a three day return period, and am fortunate enough to know a Churchill trained London gunsmith who has a shop 10 miles from my house! He has a lot of experience with German guns. I will have him look at it.

Here is a link to the gun I bought with photos.


Krieghoff Drilling Waldschutz 12ga65mm/12gaX5.6x35R Eagle N proof,made in January 1941,serial #20311,nice bores,set rifle trigger,95% barrel bluing.

Does the date sound right? I will look for proof date on barrels. I emailed Krieghoff to see if they can help.
So Jan 1941 was during ww2, and chance this was a military gun?
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