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Shown above, NSKK Walther PP and PPK, and NSKK gorget.

In, 1930, the NSKK was designated the official transportation branch of the NSDAP. Motorization won Germany for the NSDAP and with it they expected to conquer the World. At the outbreak of World war II, the NSKK assumed important transportation responsibilities. By 1943, almost all of the NSKK was on active service with the army or the Waffen SS.

Between 1934 and 1941, about 3,500 Walther PP’s were marked by the Walther Factory with the NSKK eagle and issued to members of the NSKK. About 50 NSKK Walther PP’s are reported in the serial range 81020 to 200733P.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK1.jpg
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Figure1. NSKK PP, serial number 994765, left side.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK2.jpg
Figure2. NSKK PP, serial number 994765, right side.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK3.jpg
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Figure3. NSKK PP, serial number 994765, left side showing details of slide legend. This legend including the NSKK eagle was acid etched before bluing.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK1.jpg
Figure 4. NSKK PP, serial number 994765, left side. Details of the NSKK eagle.

A Collectors Prize

Recently I received an E-Mail from my old friend John James concerning a PPK on the Gunbroker Auction (Item# 3025271, ends 2/5/2002, seller from Los Angeles area). I clicked on the site, for sale was a .22 cal Walther PPK, serial number 862658, with an NSKK eagle and NSKK unit mark (11/ M67) engraved on its right slide. While the NSKK PP is uncommon, such a NSKK marked PPK had not been previously reported. The gun was advertised as having been refinished/restored, however the Gunbroker photographs indicated that all the guns markings and edges remained as near new. Like everyone else, I wrote it off as questionable and not worthy of any more time.

Then I received another E-Mail from John James. John described an article in the February 1974 Guns & Ammo covering Nazi Era Walther PP's and PPK's, that shows a photograph of a NSKK .22 cal PPK. This PPK has the same serial number as the serial number on the auction NSKK PPK. Another PPK and an engraved PP are also shown in the photograph.

As the 1974 Guns & Ammo NSKK PPK, was the same pistol as the auction NSKK PPK, some of my doubts about its originality disappeared. Joe Wotka determined the meaning of the 11/ M67: 11 Sturm (company) of Motorstandarte 67 located in Dortmund in Westfallen. Also Joe reported, a .22 caliber Walther PPK box stamped with a NSKK eagle. The correctly applied unit marking and the fact that other .22 cal PPK’s were used by the NSKK, encouraged me to believe that the auction gun may be correct. It was certainly worth the gamble of the asking price to obtain a rare unit marked NSKK PPK. The NSKK eagle and the unit mark were most likely added by the receiving NSKK unit.

Some background on Walther collecting at the time of the February 1974 Guns & Ammo article. Rankins' book "Walther Models PP and PPK 1929-11945" was in the process of being published. The numerous PP and PPK variations were not all known. The authors of the 1974 Guns and Ammo article failed to recognize the NSKK eagle on the .22 cal PPK and mistakenly referred to it as a NSKD insignia. Only 13 NSKK PP's are listed in Rankins' 1974 book while over 50 are listed in Axis Pistols published just 12 years later. Todays detailed knowledge of Walther serial ranges, markings and issue to the various NSDAP units was just at its beginning.

It appears that (except for John James) the 1974 Guns & Ammo article and photograph were long forgotten, as the Gunbroker Auction NSKK Walther PPK did not sell. I later contacted the seller and he sold it to me for below the original asking price.

Later, in a conversation with, an old collecting friend and Walther expert, John Pearson, I happened to mentioned my new acquisition and the 1974 Guns & Ammo article. It turned out that John had purchased the engraved PP in the Guns and Ammo photograph. Guns & Ammo had given the original engraved PP owner (also, from the Los Angeles area) a framed enlarged color photograph from the article showing the three Walthers. John had also obtained the photograph. The 1974 Guns & Ammo photograph shows Nazi era headgear and daggers and three Walthers: one is an engraved PP, another is a late war PPK, and one is a .22 cal PPK, with an NSKK eagle on its right frame.

With John Pearson’s help it was determined that the brown mottled grips on my NSKK PPK were exactly the same as those on the NSKK PPK in the 1974 Guns & Ammo photograph and the serial numbers are the same. The PPK in the 1974 Guns & Ammo photograph and the one now residing in my collection were for certain one and the same.

With a lot of help from my collecting friends, I had stumbled onto the only reported NSKK Walther PPK, a real collectors prize. To top it all off, this PPK is shown in a photograph published 29 years ago.

Update January 18, 2003:
I posted a photograph of the NSKK PPK on this new site on Nov. 25, 2002 and on Dec. 9,2002 world known Walther collector Dieter H. Marshall replied:

“Hello Jan,
.....the "11/M67" means "11. Sturm/Motorstandarte 67" (=Dortmund). Although I think this inscription is engraved, I must say that PPK # 862 654 shows an "NSKK"-inscription, too.
Hello Jan,
that NSKK-PPK is in .22, too.

This additional information that another .22 cal PPK, sn 862654, is also NSKK inscribed adds greatly to the credibility of the .22 cal NSKK PPK, sn 862658, shown and discussed here in.

This kind of factual pistol information from world wide sources is what this Forum is all about. It made my day to find out that another .22 cal PPK is also NSKK marked. I am sure that fellow collectors will have similar luck on this Forum.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK5.jpg
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Figure 5. NSKK PPK, serial number 862658, left side.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK6.jpg
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Figure 6. NSKK PPK, serial number 862658, right side.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK7.jpg
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Figure 7. NSKK PPK, serial number 862658, left side slide legend.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK8.jpg
Figure 8. NSKK PPK, serial number 862658, details of engraved NSKK eagle. The 11/ M67 signifies: 11 Sturm (company) of Motorstandarte 67 located in Dortmund in Westfallen. The inscription was accomplished by the local NSKK unit.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK9.jpg
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Figure 9. NSKK, .22 caliber, Walther PPK, serial number 862658. Background is a February 1974 Guns & Ammo photograph showing a NSKK, .22 caliber, Walther PPK (center, bottom). Note: the grips on both guns show identical mottling and the serial numbers are the same. Both photographs (Oct. 2003 dated and February 1974 dated) show the exact same gun. The earlier photograph shows the original finish and the later photograph the restored finish.

The fact that another .22 cal NSKK PPK is only 4 serial number digits from the one shown, the fact that the one shown bears the NSKK engraving in an article published over 29 years ago, and that the 11/ M67 unit mark is properly applied to an existing NSKK unit, helpes establish this pistols credibility. The NSKK PPK is the rarest of the Walthers issued to NSDAP paramilitary units and is a collectors prize.

Credit John James for Guns & Ammo photograph and John Pearson for the Feb. 1974 Guns & Ammo Magazine. Many thanks to John James, John Pearson, Joe Wotka, and Dieter H. Marshall for helping establish the credibility of the NSKK Walther PPK.

Download Attachment: WaltherPPKandPPNSKK10.jpg
Shown again, NSKK Walther PP and PPK, and NSKK gorget. The NSKK PPK is now established as a (mostly) credible NSDAP pistol.
Jan C. Still
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