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Ken, glad you finally were able to post.

One comment (maybe two), sometimes it is easier to look right on a page, instead of clicking on another link for people to comment.

One thing that is VERY noticible and that is the "etched" markings. That is a new one for me, and makes me believe it was post war, as all the numbered magazines and loading tools I have seen were stamped, not etched.

The holsters I have observed were stamped, as yours is, and most that I have seen stamped were police issue. Of course, my observations are a small minority and do not constitute expert opinion.


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As Ed stated the engraved or etched magazine and tool serial numbers are almost certainally post World War II.

Your byf 42 was produced in early 1942 for the German Army and its holster was produced in 1941 for the German Army (neither are police). Typically these did not bear serial numbers on the plastic bottom magazines, tool or holster.

My knowledge of post war police Lugers is limited, but the engraved serial numbers on the magazines and tool appears typical of the East German police.
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