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Brought in for ID at recent gun show: C96/12 cal. 7,63mm SN 401055; Austrian eagle/crown U left flat, crown/W right flat; NO Vienna acceptance w date; rear tang, horizontally above stock slot, 1(?)7.R. over 2.108 (Looks like a German unit mark but not in usual German font); in leather holster shaped to weapon, wide single belt loop, flap over button, interior marked in ink: KRUGER over 401055; no charger/spring or tool pocket; no maker marks. Allegedly a WW2 souvenir BUT reblued. Reblue does not look like an arsenal job; polishing evident w flat SN and unit marks especially affected; bolt blued as well, dammit. The crown/U is slight superimposed over the Austrian eagle. There is no evidence whatsoever of an Austrian arsenal acceptance.
Austrian contract diverted to German use???
Anybody seen anything like this?
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