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First Finn Luger, seems a little odd in some ways, please let me know you opinions.
Lower half has commericial frame as expected but for some reason, they scrubbed the letter block on the frame serial number, if I'm seeing it right.
All the lower half matches itself.
Upper part is 1921 Millitary Style DWM with the ArA4 and Weiner eagles on the side. DWM toggle, rear section seems to match the bottom half, firing block is one number higher (54 instead of 53.)
The Slide has an unusually high number 89658, is this a serial number, seems too high, something the Finns added? Explanation?
The Slide and Frame both have the Boxed SA as well as the magazine. Mag not matching.
Gun has the 5" Tikka barrel in 9mm. Sights modified accordingly.
No import mark at all.

So the odd things to me are:
High serial on the slide.
1921 Military slide.
Scrubbed letter block or symbol on the frame serial.
Two SA marks, top and bottom. This may be more common than I realize, but used to seeing one.

Comments welcome, I'm not new to Lugers, just the Finn variation/rebuild.



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That is a very cool Finnish Luger you have there!

The frame is undoubtedly an Alphabet Commercial. These are very occasionally seen with the letter suffix cancelled or obliterated, although this is usually done with a crown overstamp. This is the first I have seen with a late Weimar eagle stamp.

The receiver is from what might be called a Weimar military commercial, a P08 of 5-digit serial number commercial manufacture, taken from the commercial production stream and proofed and accepted as part of the 1920-1921 army contract.

The five-digit serial number is actually lower than an Alphabet Commercial serial number. DWM converted to the four-digit/letter system for commercial pistols shortly after this upper was produced in 1921.

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