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This AC40 has some rather unusual marking on the slide and barrel. I have never seen them on another P38 and was wondering if any of you have. The gun is all matching except the mag.

First, it has an eagle on the left side of the barrel.

Download Attachment: AC40oddegle.jpg
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Then, a second firing proof on the slide only.

Download Attachment: AC40odd.jpg
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Your comments are appreciated as always.

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So some of you have read my post on the markings that this gun has. I bought it from a respected dealer as a "dipped" gun for $550.00. Upon further exam I found that the barrel might be a replacement. It has no import markings.

Download Attachment: Serial number close.jpg
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However, it has an extra eagle on the left side and the e/s proof marking which is a "bounce" struck. The locking block is correct for the gun.

Download Attachment: Barrel with proofs.jpg
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The safety lever is serial numbered to the gun which might indicate a post war rework.

Download Attachment: safety lever.jpg
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However, the slide has a defaced, dipped over.........??? You decide...... Please remember the dealer missed this and DID NOT sell it to me as such............

Download Attachment: DeathHead1.jpg
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