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Hello folks.

I just picked up a very nice Erfurt 1917 K98a rifle with the butt tang marked S.B. 2827 x'd out. So what do you think? Post war municipal police for Berlin, or Bavarian signals unit? I checked Still Vol. 3, the Unit Markings book, etc. and it might be either one.


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The Imperial Navy used the format I SB, II SB or III SB and did not use SB alone (based on over 225 examples reported on Lugers). The Imperial Navy almost stopped unit marking Lugers in 1917, as only one Navy Luger dated 1917 was reported with a unit mark (W.K.17113) See Imperial Lugers page 195-197.

The Weimar Navy used N. xx or O. xx (Weimar Lugers page 204)

The Prussian State Police (orders dated 4-5-1922) used S.B. and it signified Schutzpolizei Berlin or in the case of your 1917 dated K98a, S.B. 2827 signifies Schutzpolizei Berlin weapon number 2827.
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