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Ok, here are some pics of the 1914 Erfurt I picked up a few weeks ago. Like I said, it is a weird mismatch. The receiver, barrel, and trigger bar are all matched, while everything else is matched to itself. The barrel/receiver has a s/n of 6200, while everything else is s/n 6310, only 110 numbers apart. The grips match too (s/n 6310). It is almost like they were being cleaned, toggles off, and the guys grabbed the wrong barrel/receiver assemblies. Who knows....

Like I said, I know it wouldn't be considered a "collector grade" gun, and isn't perfect, I figure it is what it is. I would probably never buy a true collector grade long P08, since the cost is way up there, and I'd rather spend that kind of cash on something that really fits in my WWII German collection (like a nice scoped G-43!)

It has its problems, but I think it is pretty cool. Since it was a trade deal, I would estimate I only really have about $650 into it...I figured can't beat that!

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