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Just was given this pistol, thought it was an Ortgies but after viewing some pics and some post Im not sure it is. Heres the run down no markings on slide except for a 4digit serial# and letter suffix, what I think is an L or a 1 under barrel near muzzle,there is a # 2 on the backstrap,a symbol I cant make out on the barrel, which also appears in several spots inside the slide,and on the back of grips, the other odd thing is the medallions they are just letters
on each side...
here are the pics: thanks once again for the info
ps also have a post trying to id some odd marks on frame of a mauser M1914pistol.
here also. hope the pics are fairly clear.

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That appears to definitely be an Ortgies. I wonder if it is a preproduction/toolroom sample? The initials on the grip should be HO intertwined for Heinrich Ortgies (early models) or a stylized "D" for Deutsche-Werke. Someone could have replaced the original medalions for their own purpose, otherwise it is identical to the Ortgies that I own.


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I thought it odd that there are no markings on the slide (curious to know why) and the 4 digit serial has a letter suffix.never saw one with the suffix or 4 dig. for that matter
well at least I know what it is. Now to figure out the rest.Odd I thought
the medalions on on grips uncanly, are an A and an H what r the chances?...as far as no markings on the slide....I'd realy like to delve into the history if any on this one
any good sources of info concerning production etc. on the net?

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The Gun Collector's Digest..3rd Edition by Schroeder has about 8 pages on the Ortgie. ...Pages 79-87.

You can often buy that paperback for a few dollars at gunshows...perhaps might be available on Ebay?

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