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Pictured here is my last found. It's an astounding and nearly impossible pistol.
The slide is made for a long DWM P.08 in 1914.
The sideplate is made for an Erfurt P.08.
The the front toggle link is made for a Simson-Suhl P.08.
The frame and the rear toggle link are made by Mauser ( internal inspection marks ).
The barrel and the grips are spare parts made by Mauser.
The firing pin is stamped E/GW3, an unknown stamp to me.
The frame is unnumbered! All the other parts are showing matching numbers ( 47 ).
On the barrel a nazi era commercial proof found on reworked lugers by independant shops.
All main parts are E/N accepted.
And strange enough the frame shows on the front of the triggerguard the military acceptance E/63 stamp.
The pistol is not reblued.
Is this a commercial or military luger ?

Gentlemen, what's your opinion on this pistol? Please help !!


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In my opinion, a privatized WW1 piece, reworked (by Simson?), back into service in the mid-30's, then privatized again after 1940.

One might suggest that this pistol trailed a WW1 vet who rejoined (as an officer with his privately owned sidearm, a reworked WW1 leftover) then left the army again.

I bet this pistol led an interesting life.

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* Expert I'm not; but, I do love a puzzle. And I must say this one is a real puzzle. Like Vlim, I believe this piece has seen a litany of resuscitations over it's life.
* One piece of this puzzle I might be able to help with is the "E/GW3" mark.
(1) Costanzo, WOLI, Pg. 175, Item #64A shows this mark. Sam states: "1934-1935, Mauser military rework proof by Mauser/DWM rifle factory #3 which was 'tooled up' to handle reworks. GEW.3 and GW3 = Gewehr Waffenwerke Kornbusch & Co. which was a division of DWM/Mauser. Locations noted are the right receiver, left rear axle, and firing pin". Where Sam derived this explaination, only he may know. It is, however, the only explaination I've seen written on this mark.
(2a) Further, John Walter, The Luger Book (Encyclopedia), Pg. 135, Item #G93 states: "GW.3 - On Mauser P.08, possibly a pattern gun retained by 'Gewehrsaal, Nr.3' in the Oberndorf factory. See item #36."
(2b) Item #G36 (ibid): GEW.3 - On the receivers and magazine bottoms of Mauser P.08, together with linear displayed eagles, and also reported without the eagles, on parts such as the striker and rear connecting pin...significance unknown. Sam Costanzo (WOLI) suggests that the guns were produced by the facilities once owned by Kornbusch & Co., Waffenwerke Oberspree, which had been acquired by DWM in 1916. However, this factory apparently ceased trading after the end of the first World War. An alternate theory that GEW.3 represents Gewehrsaal Nr.3 ('third gun assembly shop' at Oberndorf) is more logical."
* Maybe a Mauser rework at least one time in its history; but, I'll let you decide. How's that for a WAG??
* Hope this helps.

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There is another odd ball parts Luger shown on page 246 of Weimar Lugers. It is a 1940 dated Erfurt and was assembled from a variety of Imperial and Nazi Era parts. Its receiver bears the Mauser 42 replacement code, the frame bears the Mauser hump, and the barrel bears the E/655 Army stamp and the E/TP police stamp, the sear bar bears the E/HZaJJ18(cannot decipher all the letters) stamp. It bears a sear safety, its serial number is 0265, and it is matched including the magazine.
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