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Recently I bought a Luger 08 magazin marked with "Made in Holland".
No futher markings, but very well made and a very dark blue color.
Is it a commercial one?
Who used this magazine?
Can someone tell me more about it?
I would be very pleased.

Johan Vroom NL

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Hoi Johan,

These were made by MFT, formerly Hollandia, in Tilburg, the Netherlands. These were produced both for Mauser and their post-war Parabellum series. Usually these were just labeled 'Mauser' on the spine. The 'Made in Holland' batch was also produced for sale to Interarms, USA. There are 2 variations, those with both 'Mauser' and 'Made in Holland' and those with only 'Made in Holland'.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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