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P,37 Femaru Value?

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Would there be any reason a P.37 Femaru with the leather and canvas holster to be worth $1000? The pistol is approx. 95% WaA 60 ,jhv 41 the matching holster slightly frayed at the toe. I did'nt think they were that rare.

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I just picked up a minty 2nd Air Force contract 1936 marked Beretta 1935 for $300.00. I scan GunsAmerica and Gun Lists the day the new listings come out and call first thing. If you wait you will miss out on the good deals. I saw a FP45 (Liberator Pistol) on Gun List for $1,500.00 several months back and waited a day to call, the gun was gone. I delayed because I already have one and was debating having another.

I'll post pictures of the Beretta when I have a chance.

1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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