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I just got my first Femaru. It has the German markings. Are their any websites devoted to this pistol - looking for disassembly instructions. Where can I get a holster? What type of ammo works well in these pistols?

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Sending along some pictures of a proper 1941 dated holster for your P-37. This holster is pictured on page 201 of Whittington's Volume III of GERMAN PISTOLS AND HOLSTERS 1934-1945. He states it for wear with the tropical uniform of the Luftwaffe and it does have the E/7 Luftwaffe acceptance stamp.

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On the outside of the flap is the name RICH and the service number 35597036. On the inside is an old folded piece of paper with the name William G. Rich and the same service number written on both sides.

Neat piece of history.

If you have any interest, email me and we can talk about it.
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