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have gun dug out have had 20 plus years don't remember where come from need to know who made-is blued has about 95% original blued finish-left slidehas P-38 byf/44 928s(porsche??) under the safety the S is white enamel-the F is red enamel??? (is f and s german??)-the frame on left side also has the 928s and also has the fokker tri-wing symbol with a WaA135 below it-on the right side slide has tri-plane and the german eagle with the swatiska under it-then another tri-plane with WaA 135-the front sitght has a 4 on it-the magazine has a P.38-the grips are a brown mottled plastic with P 1528 with 2 in a circle on left grip and same symbol with a 3 on inside on right grip-was this a lufwaft pistol?? who made it?

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Marcus, you have a standard Mauser built military P.38. The serial number is 928s and no, it isn't a Porsche!!! Your pistol was completed in about February 1944. The tri-plane is really an eagle and the two extreme marks (E/WaA135) are the so called Waffenamt Marks or Inspection Marks. The one in the middle (Eagle/Swastika) is the firing proof mark, which signifies the pistol successfully passed firing with a high pressure proof cartridge. The grips are standard for this year and serial number range. Fire in German is Feuer and Safety in German is Sicherheit. Pretty convenient for those that speak English!!

Hope this helps!!
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