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P-38 Help???

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I have a P 38 that my father-in-law brought back from Germany after
WWII. There is no import markings or any kind of markings at all. The serial #3915. Right by the serial # it has a E, and looks like a Naiz eagle with a W a A 135 underneath the eagle. Can anybody tell me more information about this weapon? Thanks Yezer

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The markings were polished off the pistol. In addition your gun had a phosphate finish on some of the parts which were removed and blued over. Notice the slide release still retains that finish. Most likely, the e/Waa135, e/s, e/Waa135 on the right slide have been buffed out as well.

The following photo shows what the acceptance stamps and proof mark on the right slide should look like.


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And what a Dual tone SVW45 with the phosphate finish should look like

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I have also seen some "high polish" P38's that had the slide buffed so much it looked like the shine from a pair of Corfam shoes! (Super shiney shoes, better than spit shine, non leather)

So perhaps it was also based on the technical ability of the gunsmith who reblued the pistol?

As Orv said the gun has "shooter" value, in todays market about $375.00 to $450.00 if it is functional as a shooter.

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