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106.26KBI have some pictures of a friends P-38. We are trying to figure out if its original and how much its worth. The gun has the eagle over 359 proof in 3 different spots and an eagle over a swastica on the rt side of the frame. Some of the parts are CZ made, barrel has WaA76 and the locking block has Fnh. there is also what looks to be a *55 and a big B. Interesting part is the finish. It looks to be chrome plated or polished bright. I am leaning towards polished, the finish is black towards the back of the slide, inside the safety lever recess, and under the grips. Looks chrome other than those areas.

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105.61KBThe F on the safety is still Red. The stampings on the left side of the slide are faint, the ac manufacturers make is very faint, won't even show up in the pictures.All of the other marks are sharp and crisp, way to sharp for a replate. Serial #8455b , marked in 3 places, left side of the slide, under the barrel and on the left side of the frame. Gips are a nice speckled brown.

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This pistol seems to be an AC45 with an 'fnh' barrel. It appears that someone decided to 'polish it bright' ...the finish does not look like a plate job?

This was a popular thing to do about the time (1970's) that John Martz was selling his custom Luger pistols. Several P38s were done at the same time by folks that had seen the Martz guns at their gunshow and liked the look. Unfortunately, this destroys any collector value.

I managed to save a mint/new SVW46 that had been brought into a San Jose (CA) shop to have it made 'all pretty' by a polisher. (I paid a high</u> $265 to rescue it!)

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