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p-38 mag E/135 with fluted follower ?

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Hi- would somone tell me about this mag. Spine is marked E/135, left side bottom marked P.38v. Is the fluted follower normal for a mag with these markings and what is the significance of the v after P.38. Thanks Bob

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Are you sure that is not a P.38v u mag marked on the left side with E/WaA 135 on the spine? Anything else indicates that the mag is a rework of some kind, most likely Russian "dipped".

The "ribbed" follower is from a very late war mag approx. December 1944. E/135 is from early production.

In February 1943 the dimensions of the magazine body were changed. A “v” was added after the P.38. It probably stands for the German word “verändert” which translates into “changed”.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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