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P.38 Shoulder Holster Question

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I aquired this holster along with a 95% BYF 43 P-38. The holster is constructed of brown leather and bears no markings. The stitching and hardwear seem consistant with german holsters of the WWII period. The G.I. who brought it home wrote his name and hometown on the holster. The P-38 fit's loosely in the holster, but a Radom fits perfectly. Any ideas on this one? I didn't pay a premium for the holster, the price was right for an excellent BYF 43. I know that in Whittington's German Pistols and Holster Vol. 3 it states that no shoulder holsters were issued or authorized for military service. Was this used by a civilian worker? Ununiformed police? Or is it post war produced for G.I.'s?

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I would bet a Colt 1911 would fit it perfectly? It is typical of what was made for the GI's after the war in Germany. They all wanted shoulder holsters and shiny pistols! Check and see if the .45 mag fits?...it is a lot bigger than the VIS mag.


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Thanks for the imput. I checked out the holster and my 1911 fit perfectly, but the mag doesn't. It's too big, so it appears that it was made with a single stack 9mm mag in mind.

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