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A friend surprised me with a P-38 he owns? I don't know anything about them but maybe you can tell me how old, what it may be worth ect. It says a4432 P38 CVQ I would say it's in fair to good condition It also has a inspection stamp that has three lines with a V kind of looks like a crude eagle with WaA135 under it. Thanks for reading Rich

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Your friend has a Spreewerk 'CVQ' coded P38 with an 'A' prefix serial number...the serial number is A-4432 and the gun is a very late gun.. probably from about Feb 1945.

The major parts [3] should have the complete serial number and should be matching.

All major parts should have Eagle over 88 stamps on them? The Eagle/WaA135 is wrong as it is for Mauser?

Value would depend on condition...a minty example would bring about $900 these day.


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