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I recently aquired a P 39(t) hardshell holster. The holster has the added leather in the spare mag pouch, a partially worn off P39(t) ink stamp inside the flap, and is marked cgu 40 and WaA47 on the back. Whittington's Vol. 3 indicates the manufacturer is Stolla's Soehne, W.K., K.u.A Stolla, Wehrmachteffekten Wien 65, Floriangasse 50. I have a couple of questions. First, was this holster purposely made for the p 39(t) or was it modified from an existing P-38 holster? Second, how rare are these particular holsters? I rarely see them

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78.11 KBfor sale in my own limited experience.

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Your P.39t holster was made from the original pattern mold for a P.38 but was modified for the CZ 38. There is no P.38 stamped on the rear and the spacer could not have been inserted efficiently post production so logic tells one that it was done at time of manufacture. The holsters were never plentiful but always seemed to be around. Mainly because not all were interested in having such a holster IMHO.

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the holster to the p.39 (t) is almost identically with the P.38 holster.
Following the measurements of the spare magazine the mag pouch at the P.39 (t) is kept more narrowly and more longishly than at the P.38 holster
An abbreviated raising strap preventes that one can put a P.38 in.
This holster was manufactured by different German manufacturers, but always with the annual date 1940.
About 41000 P.39 (t), however, were delivered to Finland with the corresponding holsters in the exchange against raw materials in August 1940.
They should support the Fins in the fight against the Soviet Union.
Most holsters got the Finnish army stamp "SA" (Suomi Armi) in the country of destination.
Some few P.38 holsters ( they are stamped P.38 ! ) which obviously have been modified for the use with P 39 (t) pistols have appeared now.
They are from the company "Genschow & Co. AG, Berlin, 1940 - WaA 286".
Obviously there are also some unmarked modified holster like yours.

It is an opinion that the Germans didn't have originally holsters enough at the delivery of the weapons to Finland .This delivery was now completed with a couple of transformed P.38 holsters .
Now it's very interesting , that the Germans have thought already to a possible reorganization of P.38 holsters with spacers in the mag pouch in 1939 .
A not marked P.38 holster is represented here with the ink stamp "pre-acceptance" and is dated 3. 9. 1939. The WaA 668 stamp indicates the company "R. Conte, Offenbach am Rhein".( It's the only 1939 dated P39(t)holster known to me ).
All P39(t) holsters are hard to find, primarily without the "SA" stamping.
Modified P.38 holsters are scarce .


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P.38 holster / P39(t) holster
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An original P39(t)holster.
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Mag pouch without spacer

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Thanks for the info.

Thanks for the information, and for sharing info on your similar holster. Great pictures!


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Interesting holster and date but need to further expand what has been said as it is not a complete picture of what is known. There are 1941 dated P.39t holsters. Two that I am aware of are the cny 41 and the cga 41 which is the one that I currently use with my safety lever CZ 38. Both are not common but the cga is very uncommon. Are these the correct holsters for this variation, I have no specific information one way or another but for me , it will do until something else is known.

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Last weekend I bought two P39(t) holsters. Another is "Joseph Moll, Goch, 1940" just like the above presented by Fritz. Another is "C. Budischowski, Wien, 1940, WaA47", identical to "Huggiebear's" holster presented at "Finland Pistols and Holsters", also with a spacer. The only exception is that the both are without SA-stamps. ...and condition somewhat worse, but no repairs or damages, other than scratches.


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I just finished a deal on getting a cey 41 marked P.39(t) holster and I am wondering the rarity of that maker. It has the extra leather spacer piece inside the spare mag slot.

I was also told that another modification to make the P38 holster into a P.39(t) holster was the addition of another spacer strip of leather that was sewn inside the main part of the holster as the P.39(t) wasn't as tall a pistol (from bottom of grip to top of slide).


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P39t Holster

Example from my collection :

Black Leather, stamped between belt loops Cny 41 Eagle/WaA 14
Under Closure Flap Inkstamp P 39 [T]
No SA Stamp , Has small Leather piece stiched to the inner mag pouch wall .


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