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P.Mod.37, jhv41, with leather holster

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If one is of the opinion that the very first holsters for the jhv41's were of canvas and leather then pay particular attention to the following presentation as one is never to old to learn of the facts. This holster was produced for no longer than 30 days beginning sometime in January of 1941. With the order to introduce leather subsitutes issued in February of 1941 , all leather sundry items such as bayonet frogs to belts and holsters, etc., changed to a ersatz material because of the pending leather shortage. The all leather holster was discarded in flavor of the canvas/leather versions most are familiar with. Seldom heard of and never seen. This example negates any thoughts/reasons/stories of a Africa Krops issue as been told of in previous publications!

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Nice holster, I have never seen one like it before, not even in the books. thanks for the picture.
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