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Hello guys,
At page 91 of my book, I have analysed the P08 and LP08 made under French control from August 1945 up to 5th November 1947, when French Army staff commanded the destruction of Mauser facilities. Mr. Weiss was in charge of this little production and, as you know, he saved the blue prints of both pistol and tooling that were available for the Commemorative production. Mauser engineers decided to don’t use these blue prints and decided to buy the Swiss tooling available in the Berna Arsenal.

However, coming back to the “French” LP08.

I guess that in my book, you can find all kind of LP08 photos but the LP08 made under French control. In fact, when I was writing the book I have not the authorisation to show these pictures. Finally, I got the authorisation and I have prepared a page in my web site to complete the information available in my book. Who is interested in other pictures can refer to my web site were I have prepared a page related to these rare variation.

I have download there a receipt of a P08 bought by a French Army Officer in date 1945 and some frames and barrels where it is possible to see the serial numbers used for this production. Please look at my web site for other photos:

I hope you appreciate both the photos and the history of this rare variation.
Let me know your opinion.


Download Attachment: Barrels.jpg

Download Attachment: receipt.jpg
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