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I have a P08 DWM date 1914 under the barrel stands the serial number and 8,82 But also Bö38
Is there someone how can tell me what this Bö38 means


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Bohler Stahl, an Austrian contract supplier of barrels to DWM. This is an uncommon variation of more than passing interest. Might we see photos of your pistol?

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Hello Jan,

Thanks, good link and very nice foto's.The luger I have has no unit marks.
Very nice holster. Jan do you know where to buy (for normal price)a holster?

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Correct, actually it's an O-umlaut, so Boehler is also correct. Stahl is indeed 'steel'.
The advert can be exactly dated to 1913 as it comes from a 1913 publication.

It's interesting as Boehler write in the advert that they supply barrels for machine guns and pistols to most army contractors. Also note that they have a representative in Luttich (or Liege / Luik) in Belgium, home of FN and Bayard/Pieper, which later became part of FN. Another interesting name is the Klett firm, also known to have done P08 reworks.

Boehler Stahl was a household name for barrel steel in early 20th century Germany.

A rough translation of the ad:

Boehler Steel

For every rifle the main value is determined by completely flawless barrel material,
because safety of the shooter comes first and that can only be guaranteed by first-class
material. We do not only deliver barrel steel for machine guns and pistols to most army industries
but also manufacture the following rifle brands for hunting rifels:

Boehler antinit, rustproof
Boehler special steel
Boehler-blitz steel

As trials at the weapons technical test institute 'Neumannswalde' have shown,
our references are first-class.

Boehler antinit, rustproof stands out because of it's excellent anti-rust qualities, but
especially because of it's extreme solidity.

Brothers BOehler and Co. AG
Berlin - Vienna

Dealers: Carl Bittiner, Liege, Belgium - Gustav Bitnner, Weipert, Bohemia
M. Ogris, Ferlach, Carinthia - F.A. Klett, Suhl, Thuringia
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