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* As you know, the German Blitzkrieg overran the city of Radom, Poland on 9/11/39. When serial production/assembly actually resumed @ Radom, outside of intermittent assembly of Eagle marked slides/parts already in the factory, is the subject of conjecture. Unfortunately factory documentation is most likely destroyed. I once was told this restart occurred in mid 1940. Others have said no Radoms were assembled in 1940.
* In '97, using some "Kentucky windage", tempered a bit with Whittington's/Steven's report of the FN/Liege High Power restart, I attempted to integrate J.Still, R.Whittington, & R. Berger Radom S/N data reports along a historic time line. This in an attempt to answer, for my own examples, the kind of question you have just posed.
* My SWAG, based on this analysis, projects your 1st Alpha/C89xx was completed in Dec.,'41....give or take a month.
* My friend, Al Hoffmeyer, has devoted a good portion of his life fastidiously recording Radom S/N's. He is reported to be writing a book on Radoms which we eagerly await. I'd suggest you E-Mail him at [email protected] with this question for his latest insight. I'm sure he'd appreciate your pistol's S/N report.
* I'd also appreciate thoughts/documentation from other Forum members who have struggled with this same "restart date" quandry for German production S/N 01.
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