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Howdy Y'all Pardon my ignorance as to fieldstripping the P08, I've viewed both YouTube as well as threadscovering the field stripping of the P08 series of Lugers and I'vefound a few, forgive my thickness on the position for the release ofthe takedown lever (Locking Bolt p#25)
so the sideplate (Trigger Sideplatep#39) may be removed as well as the reverse?
If I understand this correctly, thereMust? be rearward pressure against the barrel/receiver assembly towhat point? Full recoil position or just to the point that thetoggles start up the frame ramp?
I'm preparing an Owners Manual for theP08 series of pistols and working up the steps in the field strippingprocess. See the attached pictures. As well as the proposed coverart 1 or 2?
Thank you for your time and anyassistance.
Yours in service
James Acerra



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James, At most it is about one quarter inch. The toggles will just kiss the ramps, no raising. If you look right under the barrel, on the bottom side there is a lug. This lug keeps the takedown lever in place..prevents it from moving/rotating. When the top cannon is moved rearward a small amount it clears a space for the takedown lever to rotate without the obstruction of the barrel lug.
Under firing conditions the takedown spring keeps the takedown lever in position for the brief time the top cannon moves back to break the toggle for extraction. When the top moves back into proper battery it again locks in the takedown lever.
If perchance the takedown spring is not strong and functioning properly the lever can and likely will rotate downward during the firing cycle. This malfunction happens in the split second that the barrel lug is moved back..then there is a strong likelyhood that the takedown lever will completely disengage from holding on the sideplate and the sideplate can exit it's roost, causing a stoppage with a hands and knees inspection of the immediate premises for missing parts.
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