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I am looking at page 170 in Pender's book and he states:
Among a list of things,
Finish: parkerized(not factory original)
Comments: This is the only "Eagle C" marked 1934 pistol known to the author. It is also the lowest serial numbered pistol observed that was accepted by the Police System. The Eagle C marking is also observed on some Luger pistols dated 1939 and 1940. The author is of the opinion, however, that the 1934 pistol #550396 was made prior to that date.

I have a Model 1934 Police Eagle C stamped pistol with two matching serial numbered mags also stamped 1 and 2. The serial number of my pistol is 5496xx. My pistol has the hot dip, high polish finish one would expect to find on one of these pistols. I don't know what to tell you about the parkerized finish.
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