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1914 DWM Lugers are reported in the 97 to 3353c serial range and were manufactured with a hold open and almost all were manufactured with a stock lug. P08 models are interspersed in the same serial range with LP08's during 1914. About 35,000 1914 dated P08's were manufactured. Less than 1 percent were unit marked.

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Figure 1. Left slant view of 1914 DWM, serial number 468. The serial number placement is exposed (military style). Note: click once on photograph and a second time on the orange box in the lower right hand side of photograph to view full size.

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Figure 2. Top of 1914 DWM, serial number 468.

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Figure 3. Right side 1914 DWM, serial number 468. 1914 dated Lugers have a stock lug and were manufactured with a hold open.

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Figure 4. Right receiver and barrel of 1914 DWM, serial number 468. The receiver proofs and acceptance stamps are under the blue.

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Figure 5. Front of frame and bottom of barrel of 1914 DWM, serial number 468. Note: the halo around the digits of the barrel serial number and lack of halo on the frame serial number. The barrel serial number is through the blue. This Luger bears a Bo 26 stamp on its barrel, which indicates the hardness of its special Bohler steel barrel.

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Figure 6. 1914 DWM, serial number 468, details of its matching magazine.

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Figure 7. 1914 DWM, serial number 468, details of unnumbered grips.

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Figure 8. Front of 1914 DWM, serial number 468, showing its 30.R.4.C.1.unit stamp. It signifies 30th infantry Regiment, 4th Company, weapon number1.

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Figure 9. 1914 DWM, serial number 468, complete rig with matching holster, proper unmarked tool and extra magazine.

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Figure 10. Holster markings: Manufacturer hallmark dated 1915, B.A. X., issuing clothing dept of the 10 th Army Corp, and J.R.30. (Infantry Regiment 30), which matches the Lugers unit stamp.

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Figure 11. Back of Holster.

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Figure 12. Shown are: (all are marked to the 30 th Infantry Regiment)
1914 DWM, serial number 468: 30.R.4.C.1.
1917 DWM, serial number 1874b: 30.R.3.M.G.K.13.
1915 dated holster: J.R.30.
Bayonet 84/98nA: 30.R.9.C.5.
Reservists Flask
The World War I history of the 30 Infantry Regiment is covered in the 1900-1918 Luger Unit Markings section
PART 4/4 LUGERS OF J.R.30 & RES., HISTORY http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=2487
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