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1917 DWM, SN 1874b, 30.R.3.M.G.K.13.

1917 DWM Lugers are reported in the 211-3571n serial range and were manufactured with a stock lug and hold open for the Imperial German Army. All 1917 P08s bear a stock lug, relieved sear bar and hold open . P08 models are interspersed in the same serial range with LP08s’ during 1917.

“Imperial Lugers”(1991) estimates that 90,000 1917 dated P08s and 90,000 LP08s were manufactured. Observations, conversations with long time Luger collectors, and compilation of serial numbers of unit marked 1917 dated Lugers suggests that this early estimate may be skewed in favor of the P08. Reported unit marked 1917 dated LP08s outnumber unit marked 1917 dated P08s by 23 to 71. It suggests that 45,000 P08s and 135,000 LP08s were manufactured in 1917. Less than 1 percent were unit marked.

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Figure 30. Left slant view of 1917 DWM, serial number 1674b. The serial number placement is exposed (military style). The sear bar is relieved.

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Figure 31. Top of 1917 DWM, serial number 1674b. The barrel bears an Erfurt style proof mark.

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Figure 32. Right side 1917 DWM, serial number 1674b. 1917 dated Lugers have a stock lug and hold open.

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Figure 33. Right receiver and barrel of 1917 DWM, serial number 1674b.

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Figure 34. Front of frame and bottom of barrel of 1917 DWM, serial number 1674b. Note: the halo around the digits of the barrel serial number and lack of halo on the frame serial number. The barrel serial number is through the blue.

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Figure 35. 1917 DWM, serial number 1674b, details of unnumbered grips.

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Figure 36. Front of 1917 DWM, serial number 1674b, showing its unit stamp. : 30.R.8.C.2. - (30 Infanterie-Regiment, 8 Kompagnie, Waffe Nr. 2). 8.C.2. peened out and replaced with 3.M.G.K.13 forming 30.R.3.M.G.K.13 which signifies: 30 Infanterie-Regiment, 3 Maschinengewehr-Kompagnie, Waffe Nr. 13.

(Note: The usual German designation for Kompagnie duringWorld War I was a “K”. The armorer for the 30th Regiment used a “C” on both the 1914 dated and 1917 dated Lugers. This was based on a pre 1914 spelling of kompagnie that used a “C”. However the last unit mark, 3.M.G.K.13., stamped on the 1917 dated Luger used a, “K”.)

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Figure 37. 1917 dated Luger, serial number 1874b, shown with its 1916 dated H. Müller & Co. / Offenbach holster marked: Schütze G. Meir /III .m.g.k., and tool and extra magazine.

Download Attachment: 191738.jpg
Figure 38. Holster manufacturers hallmark dated 1916.

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Figure 39. Holster Inscription is hand written in old German and says: Schütze G. Meir, Third Machine gun Company. This Luger and its holster are both marked to the third Machine company. The second and third machine gun companies were raised in 1916-1918 and are very rarely found indicated on a gun or holster unit markings.

The World war I history of the 30 Infantry Regiment is covered in The 1900-1918 Luger Unit Markings section. PART 4/4 LUGERS OF J.R.30 & RES., HISTORY

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