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PART1/2,1911 DWM, SN 8617e, 121.R.5.8., DETAILS

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PART1/2,1911 DWM, SN 8617e, 121.R.5.8., DETAILS
1911 DWM, SERIAL NUMBER 8617e, 121.R.5.8., DETAILS
Article in progress, do not post until this sentence removed.

1911 DWM Lugers are reported in the 4089b to 166f serial range and were manufactured without hold open and stock lug. All those manufactured up to serial number 88xxe had hidden style serial number placement. Between serial number 88xxe and 93xxe the style of serial number placement changed to military (exposed) (Luke). There is considerable overlap in serial range with the 1910 DWM. About 13,000 were manufactured.

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Figure 1. Left slant view of 1911 DWM, serial number 8617e. The serial number placement is hidden (commercial style).

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Figure 2. Top view of 1911 DWM, serial number 8617e.

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Figure 3. Right side of 1911 DWM, serial number 8617e.

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Figure 4. Right receiver and barrel of 1911 DWM, serial number 8617e. According to a May 6,1913 directive all P08's in service without a hold open were to have the hold open retrofitted. This was accomplished by Erfurt. A small crown/scriptic letter indicates a hold open was retrofitting to this Luger. The end of the pin placed to retain the hold open is properly in the white.

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Figure 5. Front of frame and bottom of barrel of 1911 DWM, serial number 8617e. The serial number of the side plate and take down lever is in the commercial style (hidden). Note: the halo around the digits of the barrel serial number and lack of halo on the frame serial number. The barrel serial number is through the blue.

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Figure 6. Backside of grips showing the last two digits of the serial number (17).

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Figure 7. Proper e suffix magazine for 1911 DWM.. The large numbers aligned with the long axis of the magazine bottom were used on magazine bottoms from the start of the no suffix 1908 DWM First Issue to the 1911 dated DWM Lugers. A suffix was added to the magazine bottom when the “e” suffix was reached in 1911. Starting in about 1912 smaller letters aligned across the magazine were used.

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Figure 8. Front, 1911 DWM, serial number 8617e. 121.R.5..8. signifies: 121 Infanterie-Regiment, Kompagnie 5, Waffe Nr.8

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