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Hello All:

I have had this Party leader for a while. The other day I noticed for the first time that the serial number - 951214 is stamped on slide under the muzzle. The last three digits 214 are also hand scribed on the inside of the slide where you would expect it.

Has anyone else seen serial numbers stamped as shown?


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Hi Ted:
Really you should post this on the ppk and p-38 forum,but since I'm here I'll try to help some.
Your sn falls in the DRP[Deutsche Reichspost]which means the German federal postal service.I would estimate the date of production as 1938.The only thing thats got me is the 90 degree safety.As a general rule the grips and saftey were changed from sn#840,000 in 1935.Not all at once but gradually.Just my thoughts but I think the slide maybe from another early ppk.
Like I said you really need to post on the Carl Walther Sportwaffen Forum and let Dieter give you the exact info.Anyway it goes you have a beautifull party leader there. Regards Danny

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Ted , Re Your PPK with serial number on muzzle , I suggest you read AUTOMAG Volume XXXVII Issue 6 Dated September 2004 . John Pearson has submitted a complete account of these so marked pistols . He also has follow up articles in the October , November , December 2004 and January 2005 Issues . It is very informative and should shed some light on your PPK .
Ron Heming

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Ted, I Also have a Party Leader marked like yours with serial number under the muzzle and on both magazines i was told that ppks marked in this manner were documented as gestapo guns a deutsche waffen journal in 1988notes another serial #988648, the serial # of mine is 985928 and it too has a mint party leader holster with eagle and swas. but yours should not have a 90 degree safety i would like to know more about mine ps mine is pictured iv std cataloge of firearms 2005 the 15th edition on pg 1295 purchased from R.I.A famous collection in april 2004 can someone help with more info thanks TIM PUTMAN ps MINE IS JAM UP !
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