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* Photo Study1936 S/42, sn 5177m,

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I have attempted to present an excellent example of a 1936 S/42 luger which might enlighten some asute collectors and if not trust you will enjoy it nevertheless. I find that the 1936 variation is almost without peer as to quality and represents some of Mauser's finest prewar efforts. I hope that you will too.

Download Attachment: left side pistol.JPG
147.79 KB

Download Attachment: right side pistol.JPG
138.27 KB

Download Attachment: top of slide.JPG
137.72 KB
Download Attachment: barrel serial number.JPG
119.96 KB

Download Attachment: witness mark.JPG
108.92 KB

Download Attachment: frame-barrel proofs.JPG
110.78 KB

Download Attachment: barrel proofmark.JPG
132.53 KB

Download Attachment: dinged wooden grip.JPG
170.23 KB I have show what otherwise would be a perfect set of grips save for the four prongs that are scarfed.

Download Attachment: rockwell mark.JPG
103.84 KB This is one of three locations that I have observed which have a rockwell hardness test point.

Download Attachment: inside panel of grips.JPG
124.5 KB The wooden grip panels show no evidence of any proofmarks nor serial numbers.

Download Attachment: R mark.JPG
101.66 KB
Interesting that we have two locations for the infamous RW marks.
Download Attachment: W mark.JPG
113.39 KB

Download Attachment: outside sideplate.JPG
133.72 KB Intersting that we have the last two numbers stamped on the outside and the first two stamped on the inside along with two RW test points.

Download Attachment: inside sideplate.JPG
119.97 KB

Download Attachment: underneath rear slide.JPG
140.69 KB The last of the three locations of RW test points, note also a script s in the bottom side of the toggle link.

Download Attachment: magazine sidewall.JPG
127.86 KB

Download Attachment: magazine base.JPG
90.57 KB I have shown the matching magazine as I procurred this gun from a divorcing couple whose wife refused to turn over any of the duplicate luger magazines so somewhere out there is my other magazine and I WILL find it. Download Attachment:[/b/ machine tool marks.JPG
130.14 KB This area is shown only to give one a perspective of what is the only surface on the outside that is with machine tool marks. All in all, I classify it as a " KEEPER ".

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Outstanding presentation.

Jan C Still
Site Owner - Operator
KK, great pictures, really well done. Your duplicate magazine is probably sitting in a box in her basement, you ought to look her up on the internet, offer her $200 for ALL the magazines and she'd go for it today...

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