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Hello Lugerlou, as request some pic. of the P08 and Holster
The holster is not so good anymore stamps ar hardly to see/read J.F.D or C and..... Berl.. I think Berlien
I bought this for a (old falschirmjager) it was his gun during the war and holster. I know him personly and think it must be ok (but I'm not sure)

Download Attachment: luger 1915 top site.jpg
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Download Attachment: P08 + Tas J.F.D or C.... Berlin..jpg
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Download Attachment: po8 tas.jpg
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Download Attachment: luger 1915.jpg
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Download Attachment: luger 1915 2.jpg
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Thankyou for the photo's, possibly one photo was to big as it did not turn out. The old paratrooper that used to own this luger must have lots of stories to tell.

For sure the luger has been used.If you can post another photo of the markings on the holster(closeup) will try an help identify the marks. May be a unit mark to a regiment, does the luger have any markings on the grip straps.
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