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PICs of KM marked HSc

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Ok, I hope these come out ok.
As promised, I experimented with my new digital camera and the whole pics-email thing.
I hope these show what you might want.
This is Serial number 823583 from an earlier post of a week ago.
Regards, Ned
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I guess I didn't attach the pics correctly.
How do I do this? They are on my hard drive.
If all else fails, send them to me and I will post them for you?


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Orv, sent to you about noon. Did you receive? Ned
Ned, as long as they are under 300 kilobytes, they should post fine?

Use the tutorial under the help area to help you post.

I think it is also better to post in the same thread that you started.
A MOST interesting gun! What do you think, Jan?


Download Attachment: 823583-1.jpg

Download Attachment: 823583-2.jpg

Download Attachment: 823583-3.jpg

Download Attachment: 823583-4.jpg

Download Attachment: 823583-5.jpg
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Ned, I'll leave the evaluation to the more knowledgable members,but I think you'er going to be very happy that you did'nt pass this one up.

Congratulations!! Ron
Are you telling me that you have a waffenamt pistol that is also KM accepted ? I don't think so !!!
Actually, I'm not telling anyone anything, as these pieces are not my primary focus of my collecting efforts.
I'm more a WWI and Imperial Japanese collector.

I just ran into this piece, it looked fine to me (as I said, I'm not terribly up on German WWII pistols) and the price seemed right at $225 for the pistol and holster.

I was just hoping the group that frequents this forum could help me out.

Regards, Ned
Thanks for your excellent photographs.
bayoned & Orv
The Kreigsmarine purchased their HSc's through commercial channels and these do not bear Army acceptance stamps. You have a Variation 2 KM HSc (823583)(see page 172 Axis Pistols for details). As Orv stated previously, these do not bear the Army E/135 stamp. It appears that an Army E/135 acepted HSc has had the Kreigsmarine Eagle/M added to the front strap.

Sorry to say, in my opinion you have a fake Kreigsmarine HSc.
Still makes for a fine shooter for the price I think?

I might be making a mistake now, but does not Pancho have a Mauser M/1934 i caliber 7,65mm double-marked with both E/655 and E/L on his page???

Did not the german police also purchase their pistols through commercial channels?? Would theese then bear Army acceptance stamps??
I am curious as the what the brass pin in the grip is holding together? It doesn't look split and I can see no other reason for the brass pin.
I looked up Poncho's post covering his Police Mauser 1934 sn 572255. It does not (and should not) bear the Army E/655 stamp. I have been gone for a while so please be more specific as to which post.
The gun with the #572255 is not the gun I was refering to..
The gun I was refering to is on his page...

Here is a link to the post on Panchos site:

The visible pin is one of four on each grip, driven in from the inside out. It appears that the grip was made in two sections, the inside-most piece fits the frame reccesses, while the outer part is the portion of the grip that you see. The two are held with tiny nails.

As to this being a probable fake, I must admit I'm bummed.
However, the price seems oddly low for the work involved.
Why fake it if not for profit?

Oh Well, it's still a shooter.
Hello Men,
Student1979, Jan, I've wondered about this myself.
The Ser. #590264, is a very low number within the Heereswaffenamt procurement range of 589562--624225, and outside/inbetween the two police E/L ser. # ranges of 571207--572370 and 610899--628585. Came with a police marked holster. The E/L marking is different, sort of a thinner fine line imprint, rather that the blocky imprint on my other two E/L M1934's. Seems that I recall seeing this thinner E/L markings on Lugers.
As always, your opinions would be appreciated.
Go on, I can take it.

PS. Has anyone seen a similar thin E/L on a luger ?
Download Attachment: Mauser-1934-Heer-Police-1.jpg
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Download Attachment: Mauser-1934-Heer-Police-2.jpg
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Download Attachment: Mauser-1934-Heer-Police-3.jpg
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Download Attachment: Mauser-1934-Heer-Police-4.jpg
245.12 KBH
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Sorry to say ( for the reasons that you list above, and the fact that all reported police Mauser 1934's do not bear an Army acceptance stamp) in my opinion Mauser 1934, serial number 590264, with both Army E/655 and police E/L is a fake.
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