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Pictures of my T 14 and holster.

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Here is my Nambu with holster. The gun is matching thruout and in 99% condition with one matching magazine. The holster is canvas and very stiff. The holster came with a cleaning rod and a spare ununmbered firing pin in it. There is a round tag attached to the holster with Japanese characters on both sides of it. Does anyone know what this is, or says? Are canvas holsters correct for a 19.8 dated Nambu? I also have a box of Nambu ammo that came with the rig.

Download Attachment: Nambu 003.jpg

Download Attachment: Nambu 005.jpg

Download Attachment: Nambu 009.jpg

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Very nice-looking T-14 rig! The canvas holster is completely correct for that year of production (1944). The stiffness you mention is also quite correct, due to age and the material used. I cannot help you with the translation of the tag -- hopefully another member can assist with it.
I'd be curious as to what the set may have cost: not trying to be 'nosy' -- just trying to keep up on going prices.
Thanks for sharing it, complete with excellent photos.
Excellent presentation of your LTG Nambu and holster.
Thanks for the compliments guys. I am happy to have the group. Wish I could find a prewar Nambu in similar condition. Any thoughts on the round tag on the back of the holster. Thanks
Nice catch! That box of ammo is quite a prize in itself.
I have a nambu thats in good conditon and would like to know value
Eric, value could be anywhere from $200 for a nickled one to $400 and up, all depending on condition and exact model.

Can you provide a lot more information? Pictures? Markings, condition, any extra items, or is it just the gun.

Start your own thread, as it is better to do so...

A "nickled one" is not an original finish and IMHO is not worth $200.
You might want to take a closer look at the firing pin as the pin that is correct for this pistol was numbered on the "tail". This number is often overlooked.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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