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Please don’t buy things that you need to explain

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I have moved out of anyones comfort zone and bought a bad investment 😊. I don’t really care , because I find it fascinating. For all the reasons it shouldn’t exist , I can’t connect the dots to prove it’s bad ( yet) . So here it is and it’s mine , 😆
For better or worse
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood

Air gun Gun barrel Trigger Gun accessory Revolver

Bicycle part Tire Auto part Synthetic rubber Sports equipment

Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Carbon Gas

Automotive tire Automotive exhaust Bumper Material property Muffler

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Revolver

Hand White Finger Silver Material property

Air gun Musical instrument accessory Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Bicycle part Automotive design Bumper Carbon Tool

Automotive tire Bicycle part Household hardware Bicycle drivetrain part Auto part

Hood Automotive design Gesture Bumper Automotive exterior

Rectangle Bumper Grey Sunglasses Automotive exterior

Hand Gesture Communication Device Gadget Material property

Bag Material property Hood Electric blue Rectangle

Material property Gadget Tints and shades Musical instrument accessory Electronic device

Wood Rectangle Automotive tire Font Motor vehicle

Hood Automotive design Bumper Automotive exterior Material property

Sleeve Automotive design Grey Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Office supplies Cylinder Tints and shades Writing implement Font

Textile Sleeve Gesture Grey Collar
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Even if this gun was originally a byf 42 straight up military version there is a LOT to account for on how it was faked. Much for instance than just a swapped out center toggle link and police sear safety added along with police acceptance stamp. We also have to account for the frame which either had the suffix added or is a donner byf 41 y block re-numbered to match, reblued and then I suppose distressed to appear not reblued…. All getting very weird at this last degree maybe done by ancient aliens would be more plausible
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not to beat a dead horse, but one of my good friends yesterday told me I should get a banner toggle to correct the gun and make it right. But that doesn’t make any sense to me because this gun should have a byf toggle. It’s not a banner
The problem with saying that as well as Johnboys explanation about this one simply being a byf boosted with a banner center link is that this does not account for a “y” block suffix frame from well back into 1941 (IF byf origin) being used on a 1942 build. The entire police aspect of this gun is very interesting and may offer a clue as to why it is as it is but for the moment let’s forget that and try to figure out how of if a y block 42 Banner ended up accepted and fire proofed by the “army” or how a byf 42 ended up with a frame from about 30-40 thousand guns earlier than the first 42 dated receivers were dated
The #8 punch used was struck hard enough to leave a dent from the flat on the barrel. It almost looks like a 3 was covered on the frame. Could actually be a y block frame with the same last three as the receiver to start with. Were assuming the 8 was overstruck on a matching byf with all the first digits being a 6

It's starting to feel like the frame and upper were from two guns, possibly the barrel came from the frame donor gun NOT the receiver donor gun.
Sorry my last post was made before this one of yours posted so I was addressing your post previous to this one but I think this post describes something much more likely
y block frames occur in 37' and '39 This would mean 18 possible donor frames to 9 donor uppers with the same last three in the serial as a starting point.

If you own the junkyard you can make some cars.
yes but the only y block marked P.08 was the byf 41 frames and some y block Banner frames. One can always say that the P.08 was added to a 37 or 39 frame but that claim requires evidence. IMO the fakes and restorations done back in the 50s-80s and maybe even 90s were generally not up to a detail of exactness to pass muster today with knowledgeable collectors. Not so much as being non textbook as in the case of this Luger but rather in the metal prep textures and exactness of the finishes used. Lots and lots if not all restorations are slightly overdone and there is almost no way to prevent it.
I believe this was one gun , byf 42
What about the y block frame?
The holster and grips are screamers. These light colored walnut grips with little to no visible grain color ( probably not heart wood but that’s fine probably tougher but not quite as hard) is kind of iconic on wood gripped byf 42s particularly…..but scarce to see in this condition.
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