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Please don鈥檛 buy things that you need to explain

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I have moved out of anyones comfort zone and bought a bad investment 馃槉. I don鈥檛 really care , because I find it fascinating. For all the reasons it shouldn鈥檛 exist , I can鈥檛 connect the dots to prove it鈥檚 bad ( yet) . So here it is and it鈥檚 mine , 馃槅
For better or worse
Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood

Air gun Gun barrel Trigger Gun accessory Revolver

Bicycle part Tire Auto part Synthetic rubber Sports equipment

Automotive tire Bicycle part Rim Carbon Gas

Automotive tire Automotive exhaust Bumper Material property Muffler

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Revolver

Hand White Finger Silver Material property

Air gun Musical instrument accessory Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory

Bicycle part Automotive design Bumper Carbon Tool

Automotive tire Bicycle part Household hardware Bicycle drivetrain part Auto part

Hood Automotive design Gesture Bumper Automotive exterior

Rectangle Bumper Grey Sunglasses Automotive exterior

Hand Gesture Communication Device Gadget Material property

Bag Material property Hood Electric blue Rectangle

Material property Gadget Tints and shades Musical instrument accessory Electronic device

Wood Rectangle Automotive tire Font Motor vehicle

Hood Automotive design Bumper Automotive exterior Material property

Sleeve Automotive design Grey Vehicle door Automotive exterior

Office supplies Cylinder Tints and shades Writing implement Font

Textile Sleeve Gesture Grey Collar
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Jason, interestingly, I have 8248y and 8253y noted in my database. They are 42 (2 digit) dated Banners with Eagle N proofing on the left receiver and breechblock and have NO P.08 on the frame. In fact, from 8012y to 8280y none of these Banners have P.08 on their frames. There are known 42 (2 digit) Banners that have 655 proofed barrels. 655 acceptance on the right side of the receiver would probably indicate a 42 dated receiver was accepted by the military. The sideplate causes me more pain than anything. The internal numbers are not correct as you know. I could live with the sear-safety addition after it was made into a police pistol with the Eagle L added to the left side because the right side of the receiver was "full" of military acceptance. It is a late-produced/accepted Luger as you know. The y range was strickly for Banners...4 digit and 2 digit. The Su4 (Spandau) marked mag probably added after-the-fact. Why I don't know, but probably to add mystery to the pistol. I doubt Spandau had anything to do with the pistol. It would be a hard pistol to sell later because few would try to understand the situation or time frame it was produced. But at the present time, it would be a pleasure to own and try to determine more about it. JIM
Wood Font Gas Auto part Household hardware
Automotive tire Wood Motor vehicle Automotive wheel system Rim
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With a banner center, a commercial proof is most likely.
yo! Vlim since you seem to have a lot of knowledge on lugers, my question is the straw finish factory job or aftermarket rework? also how does the straw finish effect price? next question is banner, black widow, or a artillery luger the nicer ones? What luger would be on the top of any collector list. thanks
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