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Lugers in the “s”, “t” and “u” suffix serial range were manufactured by DWM (BKIW) during 1929 and early 1930. Many went to the Prussian State Landjagerei (force of 9000) and bear ‘L” unit markings. Others were routed to the German Navy, German Army, Finnish military, to other police units or to commercial sales. These commercial sales included a few two line Stoeger American Eagles.

The Landjagerer unit marked Lugers are almost all confined to the 29 DWM Lugers. Most of these Lugers with Landjagerer unit markings bear an Eagle/WaA66 stamp on the right receiver. The Eagle/WaA66 stamp is only reported on 29 DWM Lugers. (The Mauser prototype Luger with a large Crown U stamp on the middle toggle link and a WaA66 wood burned into its left grip is regarded as post World War II production, page 221-1 Third Reich Lugers )

These “s”, “t” and “u” serial range Lugers were previously called 1933 Mauser Sneaks in the mistaken belief that the “L” unit markings found on them indicated paramilitary Nazi units and the Lugers were reworked from surplus Imperial Lugers. The unmarked toggles found on many of the 29 DWM’s suggested to some that an attempt was made to hide the manufacturer from the Allied Control Commission. In fact, the Allied Control Commission had left Germany in January 1927 (Corrected Weimar Lugers page 4). The “L” unit markings signify the Prussian State Police Landjagerei that rearmed with the Luger in 1929 and 1930.. Magnetic flux testing and careful examination indicate the Lugers are of new manufacture. Also, there are at least six 29 DWM Landjagerei Lugers matched to 1929 dated police holsters. For more details see Third Reich Lugers page 202 to 218, and Weimar Lugers page 13 to 17, 31 to 33, and 146 to 154.
The 29 DWM has a less gray more polished blue finish and better grip color and checkering than most previous Weimar Era DWM production. It also has some characteristics more similar to Mauser production.

Figure 1. Police 29 DWM, sn 8085t. Left side, This Luger bears both commercial and military style serial number placement. Magnetic flux testing of the front of the frame, area over the chamber, and middle toggle link indicate that this luger is of new manufacture.

Figure 2. Police 29 DWM, sn 8085t. Right side. The blue and grips are superior to most previous Weimar DWM production.

Figure 3. Police 29 DWM, sn 8085t. Front of frame and bottom of barrel. A halo can be seen around the digits of the barrel serial number digits. The barrel-frame index mark is misaligned.

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Figure 4. Police 29 DWM, sn 8085t. Right receiver showing Eagle/WaA66 stamp. This stamp is confined to the 29 DWM Luger.

Figure 5. Police 29 DWM, sn 8085t. Matched magazine. It is a blued crimped aluminum base magazine marked with the serial number, with the magazine number “3" in the police style, and with the Landjagerei weapons number “77". The blued tube indicates that this magazine is likely post 1935.

Figure 6. Police 29 DWM, sn 8085t. Details of its intact magazine safety. The sear and magazine safeties were installed by Prussian Police orders dated August 30, 1933. Note: the main toggle pin is stamped with the last two digits of the serial number. This was accomplished with orders dated in the early 1930's.

Figure 7. Police 29 DWM, sn 8085t. Front showing its L.H.77. unit markings which signify: Prussian State Police Landjagerei Hannover weapon Nr. 77. The Prussian Landjagerei unit markings are mostly confined to 29 DWM’s.

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Great photographs as always!
I note that you mention the magazine is likely of 1935 vintage. Gortz and Bryans German Small Arms Markings @ pg 132-133 show a 1935 order by a minesterial secretary for 6000 Haenel magazine bodies, 8000 magazine bottoms and miscellaneous other magazine parts including 10,000 magazine springs. At the end of that order is a statement that 5000 of the new type magazines will be issued from the Landspolizie arsenal in Berlin. The Police appear to have been more rigorous in keeping matching numbered magazines, including restamping or adding new magazine bottoms than the army.

regards, heinz

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Here are some images of my blank toggle Police 29 DWM, s/n 2233u rig. It has two matching wood bottom mags numbered 1 & 2 with the s/n 2233 on the darker # 1 mag while the lighter #2 mag has the number stamped over a previous number. Both mag numbers are the same size. I'm guessing this is the way the rig was issued?. It has a sear safety but the magazine safety has been removed. The tool and 1929 A. Fisher-Berlin holster are number to the gun (2233). The gripstrap and holster are also marked L.Ar.279 (Landjagerei Aronson weapon number 279)

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Excellent photographs and presentation of a matched 29DWM rig. Sometimes 29DWM's have one or even two matching wood base magazines. See pages v, 146,148,151, and 153 of Weimar Lugers.
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