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Police E/D

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Gentllemen I am confused ! I have been reading more and enjoying it less. The subject is the Police mark E/D see Costanso Vol.1 page 108
(example 151) While this eagle is a police E/D vintage "1934"
Danzig police proof.
What is a "1939" type eagle (page 120) with the same E/D in the lower right position of a type 1 Haenal mag. (not shown in Costanso's Police marked examples on page120)?
Was the "D" for a location?
Was the "D" for a yet undetermined police unit?
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John is exactly right concerning the E/D found (very rare) on police mags. To my knowledge there is no basis for the term "Danzig police proof".

It is also of interest that the crown/sriptic D found on 1902 German Test Lugers is also credited to "Danzig test (Costanzo page 184 #98). To my knowledge there is no basis for the term "Danzig test". I am repeating a section of a post below questioning the Danzig test statement.

Kenyon (1991, page 84) calls this the 1902/1903 Danzig test and mentions “increased pressure from higher level military officers to those assigned to test duties at the Danzig Arsenal. .....scriptic “D” ...indicates receipt and acceptance by the Danzig Arsenal. Gortz has stated that he could find no evidence of such Danzig tests in the German archives. Gortz has established that the gothic D signified the government official that inspected the gun (not the arsenal)(Gun Collectors Digest Vol. 5 page 111-119). Are the Kenyon/Danzig documents available? Is there any update to the above information? Any opinions or insight on this controversy.


(For more detail see * 1902 GERMAN ARMY TEST LUGERS Jan C Still 1902 German Army Test Lugers, serial numbers, serial ranges, photographs, detailed)
------------------------- http://www.gunboards.com/luger/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=852 )
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