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The VIS M1935 was adopted by the Polish military in 1935 and by 1936 manufacturing started at Fabryka Broni w Radomiu located in Radom, Poland. From 1936 to 1939 over 49,000 were manufactured for the Polish armed forces. These are dated 1936-1939 and serial numbers range from 01 to over 49000. The Polish Eagle Radom’s were manufactured to the highest standards of fit and finish that exceeded most other 9mm military pistols manufactured in Europe at that time

On Sept. 1,1939, Germany launched a Blitzkrieg against Poland that marked the start of World War II. On Sept 17, the Soviet Union attacked Poland from the east. Although Poland fought valiantly, by the end of the month Poland was occupied and on Oct. 5, she formally surrendered.

The disarming of the Polish army resulted in the capture of a large stock of arms including the Radom pistol. These captured pistols were reissued to the various German Army and police units.

The 1938 dated Polish Eagle Radoms are found in the serial range 8800-29000. The one shown, serial number 28191, was manufactured toward the end of 1938. (For more details on all Radom pistols see page 66-75,180-183, Axis Pistols).

Download Attachment: 1900DWMRADOMHP451.jpg
Figure 1. Left side, 1938 Polish Eagle Radom, serial number 28191. These were manufactured to the highest standards.

Download Attachment: 1900DWMRADOMHP452.jpg
Figure 2. Right side, 1938 Polish Eagle Radom, serial number 28191.

Download Attachment: 1900DWMRADOMHP453.jpg
Figure 3. Details of the Polish Eagle and slide legend.

Download Attachment: 1900DWMRADOMHP454.jpg
Figure 4. 1938 Polish Eagle Radom, serial number 28191, as issued with Polish military holster and two as issued Magazines. The cleaning rod is not shown. Note: as issued holsters were almost all brown. The holster was likely dyed black when reissued to Waffen SS or police units.

Download Attachment: 1900DWMRADOMHP455.jpg
Figure 5. Polish military holster open.

Download Attachment: 1900DWMRADOMHP456.jpg
Figure 6. Inside of Polish military holster showing magazine pouch and two extra Polish issue magazines.
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