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Maybe some of you can use this info:

I saw a post war blank toggle Krieghoff at a recent small gunshow. The gun was in the worst condition possible (pitted over all / worst I have ever seen). The story was it came from a flea market.

The barrel had been replaced (Erfurt) and it was missing the grips.

The lighting was bad and I'm doing this from memory but here are the details:

The serial number was # 17. The only visible serial on the outside was on the front of the frame. The clip was numbered (matching).

The forward and rear toggle links were numbered on the inside. It also had the serial on the frame under the grips. They were at the base of the grip in front of the grip screws.

It had the E/2 on the back of the sear bar and on the hold open.

Hope this info helps some of you keeping score.
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